This is why I can’t be trusted to go to Home Depot to just “look around”. J sent me to home depot the other night and I picked up a ton of free magazines. Oh wait, does not everyone consider those little paint pamphlets magazines? Why not?!😉


What are you going to paint?

I don’t know yet but I have a ton of magazines here and I just know I am going to end up painting something.

J sighs and gets back to what he was doing which is for the best.


And I didn’t even grab them all I promise! Only the one’s I really wanted! I LOVE paint; I love that for a small investment you can change a whole room. I also love that some rental properties (at least in YEG) are finally allowing renters to paint as long as the promise to paint everything back “renter’s beige” before they move out. This truly shows how non-permanent paint changes are.

Anyway back to some of the amazing things I discovered in my free magazines.

RALPH LAUREN seems to be really leading the back in unique paint finishes. I was amazed at the different brochures on new finishes and painting techniques the brand came out with. He is truly bring texture to paint. My sister painted one of the walls in her place with his copper metallic colour so at the very least I can tell you that copper paint turns out pretty well! On top of metallic finishes they have also come out with SUEDE paint, RIVER ROCK paint (almost a concrete look), DENIM paint (more about this in a future post), and LEATHER paint. Seriously Ralph Lauren?! You are freaking killing it for amazing accent walls.

BONUS : They have youtube channels to show how to apply all of the specialty finishes.

We really don’t think about our safety enough. I know that was random but the next thing I learned while flipping through my paint brochures was that CIL came out with an organic line. This did not mean what I thought it meant. I assumed it meant no pesticides (I was really, really wrong in thinking this lol) . It meant organic (read: nature-inspired) colours which are stunning by the way. But when I googled “how long has CIL had organic paint for” the first article I read was this one. I really recommend you take 30 seconds out of your day to read the same article because CIL makes it really easy to understand. But now I’m thinking, did I know that paint had VOC’s that were bad for me? I don’t think I did. Maybe I heard about it in passing but I never gave it any thought. It’s like I am interested in every paint conversation other than the topic that paint might be bad for me and I at least need to consider the risks. I will definitely be looking for low-VOC or no-VOC paint on my next trip.


Even though Organic didn’t mean quite what I thought it did I couldn’t help but share the above colour palette. It’s a bit of a warmer palette than I am usually drawn too but it is stunning. I know the photo is a bit unclear but the colours used are: 30YY 78/018 | T12 Winter Bird, 00YY 38/123 | T14 Sand Motif, and 30YR 18/212 | T15 Brick Road.

And now, the third brand of paint Home Depot carries (and I think the last, at least at my home depot!) : BEHR. Behr was the first paint brand I was ever aware of. When I was a kid they came out with there “upload a photo and try different wall colours” website and I tried every combination despite the fact that my computer would continue to crash as this was very advanced technology at the time (oh dear, I am not that old am I?).

Now that I have admitted I have a soft spot for BEHR, I will admit I found their 2016 trends a bit lack lustre. They had a light pink (Penthouse View) and a light blue (Celadon) which is pretty similar to Pantone’s colours of the year (read more about that: here). They have a mustard yellow/warm gold which is popping up everywhere (Citronne). They have a black and a white and a few shades a grey. They have a few interesting colours: darker, muted pastels almost (Modern Mint, Mauve Melody, and Stratus) which were probably my favourites of the colours they chose. I wasn’t a fan of any of the four colour palette combinations they chose but maybe I am just holding them to higher standards now. What do you think? Do you think any of the below colours are noteworthy?



A few of my  favorite things from the Full House Lottery Homes this year. Honestly I was a little disappointed but it just shows me that everyone really does have very different taste! Here are a few BEAUTIFUL pics I took (sorry about the poor quality – it is so hard to get a pic without anyone else in the way!) just to get you through the hump day slump.

That wallpaper is just incredible!
Wall Art of a Chandelier over the bed, mirror accents and c’est la vie throwpillow? yes please.
master bedroom love. i love the bed frame and the soft colors/
I know the lighting is bad! But this seating area was in a master bedroom and I just love it so couldn’t help but share
Vintage style chairs have sure made a comeback!
Aerial shot of a living room. I love glass coffee tables because they take up no visual space ! 
This is a super modern casual dining room that had its own little corner. 
This was a more formal dining room in a different house. Honestly navy blue and gold just look so good together.
I love the addition to lantern-type lighting to this gallery wall. Honestly any additional interest to a gallery wall has a place in my heart. 
Laundry is made better with humor.
I had to share because I love the tone of this almost pallet-like art.This gem was found right next to a home bar.
Wondering what to do with a nook in the wall? This grass-cloth wallpaper and statue was a perfect addition to a casual setting.
Found in a girl’s bedroom! Thank you for understanding us:)

That’s all, those were my favorite things. Who else goes to lottery homes or showhomes just to find out what interior designers are up to lately?

Spring Cleaning

Who has started their spring cleaning? Has anyone finished? Can you believe it is already APRIL?

You know I love a good printable so when I came across this gem I couldn’t help but share! You can find the full version here. Warning: It is a long one so you are going to want to have started yesterday.


Sigh. I can’t wait to get finished. But what my house needs more than a deep clean (although it needs that as well) is some major organization. Which leads to my very next (depressing) printable.


It looks so easy. And I literally need major organization in all of these areas. Well maybe paper/bills would be the same as the family info for us but still! THAT WOULD TAKE 11 WEEKS. It would be the end of June before I finished! Makes me feel very motivated to get started. It also really makes me feel like my spring cleaning this year is going to keep me busy until next spring which is why this blog post is short and sweet kind of just a what I am up to in the world of house ownership lately. So I will leave with a little motivation and talk to you all later!

Let me know how you guys keep your houses clean and organized. Any tips? Do you follow lists like the two above? Or do you have a set schedule? Or do you just kind of wing it like I usually do?


Size Matters : Dining Room Edition

When designing your home, I am about to argue that size is one of the most important factor in deciding what to add to a space. I know, I know, you might argue that color or tone is more important and maybe you’re right but size should play a much bigger factor in deciding if something will work or not than it does right now. Honestly, I know the drill. You find something that you love and you rationalize it: it’s a little big but… or it will probably look bigger once it’s when it’s in the space or 2 ft around a dining room table is plenty (it’s not btw…). So I thought I would share some of my favorite tips for considering size in designing your dining room. 

Enter a caption

I’ve already shared a few of my favorite things at urban barn but I don’t think I have shared their room planner. It was seriously a life saver for me especially when J and I were building our home. We had the measurements of the house but we didn’t have everyday access or anything like that. Despite that, during the building process we did pick out furniture to be ready for when our possession date arrived. I was looking at much bigger tables than my space would have allowed so I was very happy to find this room planner almost in the last minute. When I typed in the measurements of my room and then the measurements of the table (which wasn’t from urban barn but they have a handy rectangle function (under the generic symbols tab) so I typed in the measurements of the table I was looking at and realized that it would have been a big mistake to go with such a big table. This room planner also has a ruler function so I could kind of measure the space around the table. SUPER HELPFUL.

TIP#1: When considering the size of a dining room table, make sure to add in the space that chairs will take up when pushed in but also when people are sitting in them! Look at the above pic. When the chair is pushed out there is only a little bit of room before hitting the wall. Nothing makes people feel more uncomfortable then when you have to ask someone to push in their chair to get around you right? Avoid this by making sure if your table is on the bigger side (like the one above is) that the chairs you choose are slimmer (like the urban barn chairs I chose).

TIP#2: Leave more than 3 feet around the table. I know the “rule” tends to be 3 feet but it honestly just isn’t enough. No you don’t want a table that looks like a postage stamp in your room but you really do what the room to feel spacious so leave a little more than 3 feet.

TIP#3: If your still worried that leaving 3 and a half or 4 feet around the table will make the table look to small, add a large area rug. Your area rug can be 2 ft longer than your table all around if you like! Ideally, if you are going to add an area rug to a dining room type space, you want people to be able to pull out their chairs and still be on the area rug. Even if your not worried about the table an area rug is an excellent way to really define the room.

TIP#4: If you are adding an area rug, and your dining room has more furniture than a table and chairs (think: china cabinet) make sure the are rug goes under the first two legs of all the furniture in the room. You want your area rug to anchor the room.

TIP#5: Don’t be afraid to get a round dining room table. Rectangle tables seem to be the norm but depending on the shape of your room or the amount of people you want to sit around the table – circle might be the best choice. I also think it is easier to squeeze a few extra bodies around a circle table than it is a rectangular table. It is usually a little trick to tack someone onto the end of a rectangle table without them bumping their legs on the table legs every time they move.

These tips will hopefully give you a jumping off point for designing your dining room but remember nothing is set in stone. Ultimately you have to do what your comfortable with. And of course professionals who really know what they are doing can play fast and loose with the rules and pull off jaw dropping dining rooms. But I think these are good starting points at least.

Now to share some beautiful dining rooms to leave you inspired.



Source: Design Milk


Source: Houzz


Source: Thrifty & Chic


SOURCE: Elle Decor


Source: Hative


Source: Hative


Source: One Kings Lane


Source: COCO Republic


Source: Style at Home


Source: mgracejewelry

There are many reasons why the above pictures are beautiful but I think one of the main things is the size/proportion of dining room furniture. What do you think?


Shout Out to #MyHomeSense

I have a serious addiction to going shopping at home sense on my lunch breaks but I have taken a little break because J and I have had to put so many deposits down for the wedding that I am, to be frank, broke. But I wanted to escape the office and was amazed at what Home Sense brought in for spring. Everything was seriously on point. And sharing is caring right? So here a few favorite things of mine


Okay I am sure you recognize the above one from urban barn. It is a serious feel good home decor piece. But I found something similar at home sense (below) and it was almost half the price.


I am usually not a pink person but this color is just perfect for spring.


There are certain things that just make me scream out ITS GOING TO BE A LONG HOT SUMMER (in the tune of the keith urban song of course). This display is one of them. Honestly the throw pillows are adorable but I think the oversized turtle is my favorite thing.


Looking for a new coffee table? This modern geometric print might be the answer. I love the pattern because it provides the interest of a fabric but a hard surface that screams practical for a coffee table.


On payday, I am seriously coming back to buy this gem (assuming it is still there, literally the only downside to being home sense obsessed). It is perfect wall art for a home office (and that is exactly where it is going).


I want this luggage storage so badly that it is physically painful. PHYSICALLY PAINFUL. I have always wanted a stack of pretend suitcases for my foyer! Want proof? Check out the below pic from an old blog post: Entryways that Excite


Thank you Home Sense for continuing to Inspire Me! XOXO

How to be Vegan at a Potluck

Ohhhhh I had my first potluck as a vegan over the weekend. You have to be a little more prepared but honestly it wasn’t so bad. First, I was in charge of bringing salad (put the vegan in charge of salad… haha). The trouble was, I felt as though there was a lot of pressure to make an amazing salad because if people didn’t like it it would reflect poorly on ALL vegan food! TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! So after hours and hours on pinterest (okay, I enjoyed every second of it) I came across this recipe:


Nom Nom Nom. Roasted chickpea salad from Emilie Eats. Honestly, the mix of vegetables and the roasted chickpeas were phenomenal together. I can’t comment on the vegan ranch recipe because I cheated and didn’t use it. I will likely remake the whole salad again because it was that freaking good but I am not really a salad person so the one part of the recipe that I will use most often is the roasted chickpeas. I am planning on making a big batch and just eating them as a snack haha . The dressing that I used is one of my favorites:


Honestly, it worked so well with the salad. Not surprising because both the poppyseed dressing I used and the vegan ranch would have the same sort of creamy flavor. I will try the vegan ranch one day, but who has time to make their own dressing for every salad?! Not this girl that’s for sure.

Sooo yummy, but of course my potluck planning did not stop there. I wasn’t sure what else at the potluck I would be ale to eat but I knew the main “course” so to speak was hotdogs and hamburgers so I picked up my own veggie dogs ahead of time! Honestly it took no time and wasn’t an inconvenience. I literally picked a pack up at the same time I picked up the veggies for the salad. The “hot dogs” I picked up were:


And if I am being completely honest, they were very good but not very hot dog like. they were more “sausage” like as in had a little too much spice in them for my taste in a hot dog. I would buy them again but more like to cut up into pasta (ironically, exactly what they suggest on the package) or cut up and serve as breakfast sausage with some scrambled tofu or something like that (YUMM). They weren’t bad at all just a bit overpowering in a hot dog. I may be crazy but I like my hot dogs to taste more like the mustard I put on them!


So there you go, a salad recipe and a review on some vegan hot dogs! Any tips other people have on surviving a potluck? Do you eat before? Honestly there was a lot of things I could have at the potluck, you know someone is always going to bring a veggie tray and a fruit tray to any potluck so that to munch on while eating my salad really would have probably been enough. I was happy to bring my hot dogs though because then I was extra full and didn’t spend anytime eyeing more food!


Spring 2016 is bringing on some beautiful trends

It always happens in Canada. Spring is finally here and we get more snow. Of course, I can’t complain because we have had an absolutely stellar winter. Honestly. We have been so spoiled. So in spite of this snowfall, I am going to share my favorite home trends for spring!


Honestly this infographic by designtaxi was too good not to share. Seriously, they did a fantastic job. I know I have shared my opinion about Pantone’s color of the year choice in the past, but the colors do work very well for spring. So if you are looking for some spring accent colors this year, these might just be the two you want. In the above picture, I love all of the color matching choices they provide so even if you are not a fan of the Pantone pairing, you can achieve a very similar affect with the other pairs.


I loved these two suggestions from this list: 10 ways to add spring to your home. Firstly, I am a big fan of yellow in the spring time. Secondly, I love the flowers she picked (forsythia) because they are beautiful and also safe for cats! i have two furry friends so I am always googling plants before I bring them home. Too many gorgeous flowers are just too toxic to risk! I also love her idea of creating a bird nest on top of a simple candlestick. Honestly, it is such an easy DIY decoration that fits perfectly for spring!


Bringing the outdoors in is becoming a bigger and bigger trend and according to this blog one of the five major trends for spring. You can’t help but fall in love with this photo can you?!? Plus I love the magenta accents.

aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dy5kYWlseWRyZWFtZGVjb3IuY29tJTJGd3AtY29udGVudCUyRnVwbG9hZHMlMkYyMDE2JTJGMDIlMkZiZWFjaC1kZWNvci10cmVuZHMuanBnOkay fine, I stole this photo from the same blog as the natural photo above : here. Navy and white is a long-time color pair favorite because it lends itself so easy to the beach/sea/navy look but the blog it came from pointed out that it is becoming very popular with minimalists as well! All the white blends lines and gives an impression of extra space. Plus, the photo above is gorgeous. I want that nantucket throw pillow so badly!!


I am a huge fan of all neutrals so it is no surprise that this color palette by is one of my favorites for spring this year. Especially if you already have a beige/greige color palette, it is so easy to add a splash of coral.


I love this hydrangea centerpiece. It is definitely a project for the more adventurous DIYers but the tutorial can be found Here. My only note is to make sure if you have pets to use a different flower because hydrangeas are a definite no!


If you love the idea of spring flowers as a centerpiece take some notes out of this bloggers wedding centerpieces. Literally put flowers in a mason jar with some twine (or ribbon or whatever you have) in a bow and you have a simple, stunning centerpiece.


Have you decorated for spring yet? What are your favorite trends? Also, I am curious, do you decorate more for Spring or Easter or both?